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How to season a wok. (Cantonese way)

All new wok must be properly seasoned before it is put  proper use.
Else the wok will rust easily and the food you cook it in will smell of the industrial oil.

1. Use paper towels to wipe away the protective oil.

2. Wash and scrub the wok with steel wool, inside and out. Wipe it dry.

3. Put it on the stove, heat it till it begins to smoke and pour in, say, 1 cup of veg oil.

4. Add white tofu  and garlic chives and fry for about 20 to 30 minutes.

5. Throw away the tofu and chives, wash the wok without soap and wipe it dry. Smear some oil all over. It's seasoned and ready to be used.

Never use washing detergent  to clean a wok  as it  will cut too deeply into the surface of the wok and take away all the oil, making the wok vulnerable to rust. Unless it is super dirty, just wash with water and a brush.

It is good to deep-fry the first couple of times so the oil will really seal the surface of the wok. The more you use the wok, the deeper the color will go, until it develops a shiny black patina and a permanent non-stick surface develops.

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