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Salted Egg made easy


15 duck eggs ( chicken eggs also can)
400g coarse salt
1litre water


1. Wash and clean duck eggs under running water by rubbing with a piece of cloth and immediately rub it dry (Do not soak the eggs in water).
2. Cook salt and water till boiled, stir from time to time, cook till salt dissolved as much as possible, set aside to cool. Take out the salt water.
3. Place duck eggs in a clean glass jar, add in salt water. Close the lid and mark the date.
4. Store in room temperature for 14  -21 days.
5. Boil salted eggs for 10mins before serving.



* To know when the egg is ready to eat; simply pick out the egg that is on the bottom of the jar.
The eggs that are still floating means they are not ready yet. If you leave in longer the white part is more salty then the yolk. If you like the egg shorter period of time then the white part is the best to eat and the yolk is less good.

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