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Pineapple Pie


8 oz flour
3 oz Butter
1 ˝ oz Water
1 ˝ oz Sugar

Cream the sugar and butter well. Gradually add the water. The sugar must be fully dissolved or else the pastry won’t be good. Add the plain flour and knead. Flatten with a roller until quite thin and enough to fit the pie dish. Prick the inside with a fork a few times, Bake 1hr in an oven. Gas mark2 or 3

Filing ingredients:
˝ of ripe or medium size pineapple
6 tabsp custard powder
8 oz sugar
1 glass water

Meringue Ingredients :
5 eggs whites
10 thsp fine white sugar

Combine and cook the filling ingredients until thick, stirring now and then. When the pie crust is about ready, beat the 5eggs whites until stiff, gradually adding the 10 tabsp of sugar while beating.
When the pie crust is ready, pour the cooked pineapple filling into it, and top with meringue, Return the pie to the oven until the meringue is nicely browned. Remove form the oven and cool. Decorate with red cherry.

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