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Kek Lapis (simple)


10 egg yolks
275g butter + 60g sugar
75g plain flour, sifted
1 tsp rempah powder (5 spices powder)
2 tbsp brandy
2 tbsp condensed milk

4 egg whites + 60g sugar

1. Grease a 18x18 cm square tin. Preheat the oven to 210˚C.
2. Cream the butter and sugar until soft.
3. Add condensed milk into the creamy mixture and mix well.
    Add rempah( 5spice powder) powder and brandy followed by
    lightly beaten egg yolk a little at a time until thoroughly mixed. .
4. Fold in flour.

5. Beat egg whites in a clean mixing bowl until big bubbles are formed. Add in sugar in 3 batches, 1/3 (20g) at a time and whip until egg whites is stiff. Start at low speed and turn to high speed only on the 3rd batch. This step is crucial.
  * (watch video how to beat egg white). Set aside.
6. Add egg white into the creamy mixture (A)
7. Fold in the egg white and mix well.
8. Layer the base of the tin with roughly 2 tablespoons of batter and bake the first layer
    for 5mins at 210˚C. (you can either use the grill setting otherwise put the cake on the
    upper rack)
9. After each layer, use a toothpick to make a few holes and press gently with a spoon all
    over the cake to remove any air bubbles. Repeat the process until the last layer. For
    the last round, lower the temperature to 180˚C and bake for 10mins. 10. Leave the cake
    to cool before cutting it out.

1. Always use good butter and not margarine to produce that traditional taste.
2. Use a large built-in oven if possible. Start by placing the cake on the upper rack and
    move to a lower rack if you see the cake drying up.
3. You may want to put a tray of water below the cake when baking the first few layers.
4. If the first couple of layers do not browned so be it.
5.Watching the oven temperature is essential as everyone's oven is different. Alter the
    temperature and timings accordingly.
6. Prick lightly at where huge air bubbles formed and pressed the cake down lightly.
   We do not press at every layer else it become a very dense cake. A light and uneven
    cake is better than a dense cake.
7. Cut the sides of the cake off to achieve the professional bakery look and texture.
    The sides are often dryer and have some air bubbles.
8 .Do not eat the lapis immediately. Let it set in the fridge for a week.
9. Kek lapis keep really well but make sure you eat them within a month.
    Some Kek are tasteless and dry; suspected it had been kept it in a fridge for at least 3
10. Thaw the sliced lapis for at least 2 hours before eating.

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