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Tao Sar Piah (Taiwan)

1 1.5 kg  Mung Bean Paste /Kaya paste or Lin Yung Lotus seed paste.

Water Dough (Skin):
2 cups plain flour
cup water (room temp)
cup oil

Oil Dough (Inner layer):
1 cups plain flour
cup oil

1. Mix & knead water dough ingredients together & leave to stand for approx 30 mins.
2. Weigh out Mung bean paste & roll into balls approx 30g per ball
3. Portion out water dough to approx 32 balls
4. Portion out oil dough to approx 32 balls
5. Press out to a thin layer the water dough portion. Put oil dough portion inside & wrap with water dough portion to a little ball.
6. Flour table top & rolling pin (optional).
7. Roll out in 1 direction the mixed dough ball to flat.
8. Roll back up into like a Swiss roll
9. Flour table top & rolling pin again (optional).
10. Put Swiss roll roll standing top down & press downwards, then roll back out again in 1 direction.
11. Put a portion of Mung bean paste into rolled out dough and wrap paste inside.
     (Note:Dough can be stretched to fit over paste ball.)

12. Shape into a ball & place on paper-lined baking tray.
13. Do the same for the rest of the ingredients
14  Brush with beaten egg. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
15. Bake at 180 ̊ C for 20 mins.s till golden.
16. Cool & store.

Tip: For the sesame seeds, it is best to dry fried lightly over a small fire for about 30seconds so as to bring out the fragrance before sprinkle on to the dough.

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