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Pandan Ping Pei Moon cake (Snow Skin)

Snow Skin
100g Koh fun (commercial fried glutinous rice flour)
120g Icing sugar
32g Shortening
120g Cold pandan juice (6 screw pine leaves add with 120ml cold water, blend together and sieved to get juice)

512g white lotus paste (divide into 16 portion, 32g each)

 Traditional wooded and new Plastic design  moon cake mold.

Sift Koh Fun and Icing sugar into a mixing bowl.
Rub shortening into the flour mixture.
Gradually mix in cold pandan juice and mix to form a soft dough.
Scale and weigh 22g per portion for each mooncake. (According to the size of your mooncake mould.)

Wrap each portion of filling with a portion of snow skin.
Press into mooncake mould.
Knock out and chill before serving.


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