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Moon Cake Ping Pei ( chilled )

Pastry skin:
300g kao fun (commercialised cooked glutinous rice flour)
450g icing sugar
50g shortening
300ml cold water
A little pandan flavoured essence or any desired flavoured essence
1.5 kg lotus paste

 Traditional wooded and new Plastic design  moon cake mold.

Divide lotus paste into 14-15 equal portions and set aside.

Combine icing sugar, essence, water and shortening. Stir well to mix.

Stir in kao fun and blend together until a smooth dough is formed. Set aside for 5-10 minutes. Divide the pastry dough into the same number of portions as the lotus paste.

Take a piece of dough and wrap up a ball of lotus paste with it.

Press the wrapped-up dough into a moon cake mould.

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